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Antonio Giovinazzi
Biography Society

Antonio Giovinazzi, Antonio Giovinazzi Net Worth, Antonio Family

Who is Antonio Giovinazzi?

Antonio Giovinazzi came from Martina Franca in Italy. He was born on December 14, 1993. As the most ambitious racers, he began his career in karts and was more successful than Formula One Pilot China 2012.

The six-race wins earned him the title in his first season and returned to Europe and Formula 3 for 2013. His first win this year was at Silverstone in the British series and finished sixth.

Full Name Antonio Giovinazzi
Birth Date 14 December 1993
Country Italy
Grands Prix entered 2
Height  1,83 m.
Net Worth $3 million
Source of Income Racer
Highest race finish 12 (x1)
Team Haas
Religion Catholic
Girlfriend N/A

He climbed to second place after six wins, 20 podiums, four poles and four fast laps in 2015 and had a great season with an F3 Masters victory at Zandvoort. DTM competition. He has been active in karting from 2006 to 2012, and in 2006 he was a champion of the 60th Trofeo Nazionale Italiano and the Euro Trophy 60.

Antonio Giovinazzi
Antonio Giovinazzi

Formula One Team for 2017

Antonio Giovinazzi’s climb continued in 2016 when it had an immediate impact on the GP2 and scored five wins with Prema Racing on the road to the second place in the highly competitive F1 power supply series. Suffice to give a third driver to the Ferrari Formula 1 team for 2017.

The position led to stunning F1 debut with Sauber’s Ferrari team at the 2017 inaugural Grand Prix in Australia after Pascal Wehrlein said it was unsuitable. Despite the late call, Giovinazzi performed well – he arrived in Melbourne on Saturday morning – qualifies for 16th and 12th place.

Formula Pilota China

Antonio Giovinazzi started his Formula 1 racing race in 2012 in the Pilot Formula China. In his first season, he was crowned the winner with a total of six victories. He also drove for the BVM team in the 2012 Formula-Abarth finals at Monza. Although he won two races and finished second, he did not score as he was a guest.

FIA European Formula 3 Championship

In 2013 he competed in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship with the Double R Racing team. At Brands Hatch, he scored his first points after finishing the 11th and 9th in two of the three races. In 2014, he signed up with Carlin in the 2014 FIA European Formula 3 Championship season.

British Formula 3 Championship

With Sean Gelael, he also participated in the British Formula 3 season. He won his first F3 win at Silverstone.

GP2 Series

Giovinazzi entered the series with Prema Powerteam for the 2016 season with Red Bull Junior and Formula Renault 3.5 2014, Pierre Gasly.

After a bad start to finish in the points area and miss the opposite pole in the grid the first two rounds, Giovinazzi won victories in running run and sprint in Baku, the primary driver to become “double” Davide Valsecchi in 2012,

Antonio Giovinazzi earned the pole position of his teammate Gasly Spa and won the sprint race at Gasly on Saturday to win the race. He took pole position at Monza but had disqualified from the session due to a technical violation. Although he started from the back row, he won the primary race after a confusion with the safety car, which worked in his favor.

Antonio Giovinazzi With Red Suite
Antonio Giovinazzi With Red Suite

Giovinazzi took over in Sepang, surpassing Sergey Sirotkin in his fifth win of the season. However, Pierre Gasly’s victory in the race of Abu Dhabi race allowed Gasly to score 12 points in the last race.

Giovinazzi finished the last race before Gasly when Alex Lynn won the race, but after a bad start he could not get past the 12-point gap, and Gasly won the championship with 8 points.

If Giovinzzi won the championship, he would be the first Nike Hulkenberg champion rookie since 2009; he was the last GP2 champion since the series would be Formula 2 FIA 2017.

Formula One

In September 2016, it announced that Giovinazzi would produce simulators for the Scuderia Ferrari. In December, Antonio Giovinazzi had confirmed as the third Ferrari driver. He attended preliminary tests for the 2017 season with Sauber.

During the Grand Prix of Australia, Giovinazzi replaced Pascal Wehrlein, who had sufficiently prepared for a race rich in distance due to his lack of training following an incident at the 2017 Champions League. Giovinazzi concluded the 12th placed in his Sauber debut, will be replaced again by Giovinazzi Wehrlein for the 2017 Chinese Grand Prix, where he crashed during the race.

Antonio Giovinazzi With Trophy
Antonio Giovinazzi With Trophy

Facts About Motor Racing’s

Birth of Motor Cars

The year 1886 is considered the birth of the modern automobile. This year, the German inventor Carl Benz built a modern car called Benz Patent Motor Car.

Sir Alec Guinness warned James Dean, a week before his death, to ride his new Porsche 550 Spyder, or “by then they will be dead.” Currently, there are more than one billion cars on earth.

The United States has 300 million more cars than any other country in the world. China ranks second with 78 million.

If you hold down a remote key on your head, your range will double because the human skull acts as an amplifier. One in four cars in the world is from China.

The exhaust frequency of Maserati Quattroporte is 333 Hz, a rate that would stimulate sexual arousal in women.

The inventor Mary Anderson (1866-1953) invented the first practical cleanser. Initially, they were considered a distraction. In Batman, by Christopher Nolan, Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murciélago. In Spanish, Murciélago means “bat.”

Formula 1 wiki

Toxic Smell of Cars

For various autos, means cars the “new car smell” is toxic. It consists of more than 50 volatile organic compounds. The BMW logo derived from the origin of the company as an aeronautical manufacturer.

The iconic white and blue “white” represents a white helix spinning against a blue sky. Only one car has around 30,000 pieces. About 80% of a car is recyclable.

The Hennessey Venom GT is the fastest car in the world at 265.7 mph. About 75% of the vehicles produced by Rolls Royce in their history is still on the way. Washington D.C. It has the worst traffic in the United States, with passengers waiting in traffic for 82 hours a year.

At the Grand Prix of Spain in 1994, Schumacher’s car remained fifth. But he continued to make two stops and finishing second in the race.

“Mr. Le Mans, Kristensen is the winner nine times the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the race is a race of duration in which the rider must hold his car for 24 hours without mechanical damage.

Jack Brabham & World Cup Trophy

Jack Brabham won the 1966 World Cup in a home-made car. It was a BT19 rear engine.

In December 1995, at the age of ten, Ron Dennis, head of the Hamilton team, McLaren, came to the Autosport Awards ceremony and said: “I want to ride for you one day and I want to compete for McLaren 12 years later debuted at McLaren and became McLaren’s youngest driver.

Neel Jani has a Formula One car on the most impressive track driving the world, operating from Leh to Khardung La Pass.

Vettel won a kart race at age 7 and received a trophy from Michael Schumacher. After 14 years of age at age 21, Vettel became the youngest winner in Formula 1 history. He won the 2008 Grand Prix 2008 in Monza. Hakkinen has been trained as a circus acrobat and studied metal work.

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