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Parker is an American action film directed by Taylor Hackford and written by John J. McLaughlin. The film is an adaptation of Flashfire, the nineteenth novel by Parker, written by Donald Westlake with the pseudonym of Richard Stark. Source: Parker Wiki

Preproduction & Casting

On April 18, 2011, Justin Kroll Variety admitted that Statham would play the role of Parker. Parker Statham commented that “it is a man who lives according to a certain moral code, so there is good quality for this anti-Shermanesque.”

The actor says, “He is involved in criminal activities. But believes that all the companies once and never grew up and never think of people who can not pay. And do not hurt people who do not deserve it.” He describes Parker as an “anti-hero.” In the movie, Parker considered a priest and a wealthy Texas named Daniel Parmitt of San Antonio, Texas. Source: Parker Wiki

Parker Wiki
Parker Wiki

Miss Lopez as the Female Lead

On June 21, 2011, it became known that Lopez interpreted “the female protagonist, a character named Leslie, involved in Parker’s involvement in a raid.” Lopez’s release had linked to Nick Nolte, who played Parker’s role as mentor.

Lopez and Nolte have already worked on the film U Turn (1997). Hackford emphasizes Leslie’s role as a departure from her other job, as she has done in romantic comedies in recent years. Leslie is an “intelligence connector” that “does not have money but looks good, intelligence and ambition.” At first she is alone with Parker for her financial gain, but in the end, she becomes romantic with Parker.


According to director Nick Meyer, Parker has made a “thirty-year” budget offering that he considers “good,” “is the caliber of the film.” Mike Scott of Times-Picayune reports that on June 23, 2011, Parker would shoot for seven weeks in New Orleans from July 18th.


Scott described filming in New Orleans as “good news” for the local film industry as “he saw a bang in the major productions in the past due to the overwhelming heat and the advent of the hurricane season.” Playbill confirmed that production began on August 4, 2011, in New Orleans and moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from August 5th to August 9th. Source: Parker Wiki

Parker Trailer

Palm Beach is a Fascinating Area

Parker also has movies in Palm Beach, Florida, where Lopez and Statham will be seen in September. In an interview with the local newspaper of the city, Hackford said: “Palm Beach is a fascinating area, you have this invincible wealthy and exclusive enclave, and across the bridge, you have your real life.

And he represents both. “According to Robert Janjigian’s Palm Beach Daily News, Palm Beach was” crushed “and” ready for its first floor “during the shooting. Variety noted that the premises were” shaky helicopters. “The firefighter van and the sea “to bring the film to a large extent in a better area for the public recreational activities. Photography director J. Michael Muro filmed the movie with digital cameras and anamorphic lenses Red Epic Hawk V-Lite.

Parker – Box Office

Parker was released in 2224 movies in the US on January 25, 2013, and has raised little more than $ 7 million. There ha two million of those planned, and the movie was considered a box office bomb.

At the end of his 70-day North American launch, Parker had collected $ 17.6 million at the box office, and the crime placed him at the bottom of the Statham / Action vehicles. He finished 118th in Bundeskasse 2013. The film released May 21, 2013, on Blu-ray and DVD in the United States. It was not one of the 100 best DVDs sold in 2013 and recorded a total of $ 11,274,235 on DVD and Blu-ray. Source: Parker Wiki

Parker Box Office
Parker Box Office

Unexpected Responses

The study required that critics who participated in the press projections would sign an agreement so that none of their critics would be published before the film was launched. In Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a 41% approval based on 103 reviews, with an average rating of 5.4 / 10.

The critical consensus of the page says, “Jason Statham has a game as usual. But Parker is a completely generic and complicated flight movie.” Metacritic gave the film an evaluation of 42 out of 100 based on 21 reviews that show “average or mixed scores.” The audience rated by CinemaScore rated the film as “B +” on a scale from A to F. Source: Parker Wiki

Painfully Slapdash Script

John Semley Slant’s magazine was not receptive to Parker, so a “Painfully Slapdash Script,”. But Connie Ogle, The Miami Herald, thought it was a “path” with Statham “absurd.” “Demonstrates being a good option to play. “The silent thief.”

Christy Lemire, a film expert of the Associated Press, found that Statham “is not driven out of the comfort zone,” and Lopez is “here’s a bit of cartoon relief to create a fish, with his eyes open on water.”

Alonso Duralde of The Wrap said that the film a “bore” considering Statham’s potential as an action star, and Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal was also negative, saying that the film set a “tin standard” for crime thrillers.

Other critics thought Parker and his sequences were predictable and generic. Write for A.V. Club; Josh Model said the film’s start was “strong enough,” though the plot “becomes more predictable as it approaches completion.”

Peter Howell of Toronto Star said the movie was “promising” but in the end “predictable” Bill Billstein of Bill Billette criticized the movie and said, “Many shots fired and bloody, intrigue is low.” Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly magazine was on the same line, calling it “extraordinarily generic” and “incredibly bloody.” Source: Parker Wiki

Parker Movie Story
Parker Movie Story

Story of Parker (Movie) Source: Parker Wiki

Especially in Palm Beach, Florida, the movie revolves around professional Parker thief (Statham), who is captured twice by his team. She decided to vindicate her, assisted by a real estate agent (Lopez) to find what her former co-workers intend to steal in a jewel of robbery.

Parker Film Budget

Parker (Movie ) marked a deviation for Hackford, who hoped to make his first black film. This movie produced with a budget of $ 35 million. The film launched after the death of Westlake in 2008 when producer Les Alexander got his rights.

Parker Film Box Office

It had premiered on January 24, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada and released on January 25 in the United States. The reviews were mixed; many critics considered it to be a poor adaptation of the book. And typical of Statham’s action films of recent years. Others have found that Statham had well prepared for the role of Parker. And praised Lopez for his comic relief. $ 46 million at the world box office. Source: Parker Wiki

Hitman For Killing of Parker

Parker tells Hurley that she wants to trace Melander, who has crossed the streets again and went to Palm Beach, Florida, for another robbery. When he learns that Parker is still alive, the team uses mafia connections. They hire a killer named Kroll (Daniel Bernhardt). Kroll tries to kidnap Parker’s girlfriend, Claire (Emma Booth), who is Hurley’s daughter. She escapes and hides. Hurley concerned and suggests Parker go with her. But Parker has determined to take revenge.

In Palm Beach, Parker pretends to be a wealthy Texan named Daniel Parmitt, looking for a place to live. Leslie Rodgers (Jennifer Lopez) has a deprived and unsuccessful estate agent residing with his mother (Patti LuPone), who is financially struggling after divorce. He became happy when Parker (like Parmitt) seems interested in his property because he is on a desperate quest for a commission.

Robbery Plan for $50 Million Jewelry

Leslie suspects that Parker got interested only in a home that a man named Rodrigo recently bought and rebuilt. In fact, Rodrigo is Melander, who remains at home with the crew in anticipation of a $ 50 million jewelry auction that they want to steal. Parker returns home to plant his weapons, find his guns, and diffuse lightning. Source: Parker Wiki

Leslie finds that Parker is using a false identity. It offers its local knowledge in exchange for a flying commission. She only looks at it after showing Leslie Stripe that she does not use a cable. Together, they intend to steal Melander’s jewels after taking it at auction. Leslie runs through Parker but remains far off, though, of course. He attracted to her.

Melander‘s team disguises as a man of deliveries. Meanwhile, Kroll discovers that Parker is in Palm Beach and is trying to kill him. After a brutal and bloody fight, Kroll Parker put his hand on him. But it ends with the death of Hotel Parker’s balcony.

Palm Beach
Palm Beach

Arrival of Palm Beach Sheriff

The next morning, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Assistant, Jake Fernandez (Bobby Cannavale). Asks Leslie when she discovers she is in business with Daniel Parmitt. He surprised to find out that a damned Parker is hiding in his home with his mother’s permission. In her work environment, Leslie is horrified when she sees a video of Kroll’s online death. And which had shot by local audiences? At Parker’s request, contact Claire, who is sewing her wounds. His next encounter shows Leslie that Claire is the woman of her life.

The crew flies successfully with jewels. They come home, where a Parker weak and wounded is waiting for them. Concerned that Parker needs help, Leslie starts snorting in the garden. She found and taken home where the team mistreated her. And questioned her, assuming you and Parker were working together. Ross goes out, where Parker stabs him to death. The other men of Melander are in the panic. Source: Parker Wiki

Melander and Parker Fight Scene

Melander finds Parker, and there is a fight. Carlson begins to bother Leslie, but she shoots him with a gun under the table planted by Parker. Parker can kill Melander despite his injuries. All crew members are dead, Parker and Leslie are preparing to hide jewels and send them to their farm. They separate, Parker shows a little regret when he goes.

Six months later, Parker goes to Chicago and kills the trade union leader Kroll hired to kill him. A year then, Leslie receives two heavy boxes in the post, which contain several million dollars. Tomato growers who have saved Parker’s life are talking to someone about how they had a lot of money that changed their lives. They recognize the stranger and think that he must be an angel sent to test them.

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