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Destiny Game Activision

Destiny Game Activision

The original Destiny of 2014 was a well-received and top-rated game. However, some areas may have been better. Destiny Game Activision Eric  Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, said that Destiny 1 had not released new content quickly and Destiny 2 will be better.

“I’m not happy with the cadence,” he told “We are very successful with Fate 1, but one of the things we did not do was follow the demand for new content.” I feel as tall as The Dark Under, The House of the Wolves, The King Taken and the Iron Rebellion are all, there has been an appetite for more. ” what is destiny?

Destiny Game Activision

For Destiny 2, Activision has taken some studies to work with Bungie to produce more content, including High Moon (Transformers Series) and Common Visions (Skylanders Series). “This will allow us to maintain an even solid pipeline of content in the ecosystem.”

“In the past, I mentioned that The content of fate had exceeded our ability to do so Demand, “said Hirshberg in November 2016, before Fate 2 was equal Announced. “In the future, along with our Bungie partners, we have together, what we believe is a brilliant approach that will allow us to deliver.
This great content stream keeps our players busy and keeping them. The universe is alive and grows as a result of this continuation. ”

Destiny 2 has begun September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One and October 24 for PCs. Players can play in a beta for the match from July 18th up PS4, July 19 for Xbox One and until the end of August for PC.

Destiny Game Activision

Destiny 2 Steam – Destiny Game Activision

Hirshberg said there were “a lot of positive signs” in Destiny 2. Hence, Activision believes in the game itself – Hirshberg said the publisher had “high confidence.”
“We’ve received almost universally positive comments from the press and fans,” Hirshberg said, adding that the game’s development cycle is still active. ”

One of the reasons Activision is so optimistic that Destiny is two years old because it takes steps to extend the franchise’s charm, Hirshberg said with things like making it to the PC, finding it for other countries and working with Blizzard to do so. PC for the massive service of World of Warcraft

He added that the pre-orders for Destiny 2 had been “very strong,” adding that a “very high percentage” of pre-orders for the premium versions containing the game and its expansion content.

Destiny Game Activision

Destiny 2 Limited Edition

Destiny 2 supports several extensions after sharing. Although not yet sufficiently detailed, Hirshberg noted that the organic content of Destiny 2 is incredibly talented.

“Finally, and perhaps the most important of a game like this, Destiny is so compelling. That content tracking is almost as important, if not as important as the main game,” said Hirshberg.

Hirshberg frankly stated that Bungie had not released expansion content for Destiny 1 fast enough to meet demand. For the rest, Activision presented studies such as Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios with Bungie.

In Hirshberg’s words, he stated that the activation “develops [its] stable developer to satisfy the demand for more content.”

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Destiny’s Activision Problem

There was a lot of controversies this week in Destiny, almost all coming from one place, despite their seemingly different origins. Players feel that they are exploiting financially.

Luke Smith’s famous interview about King Taken did not explain precisely why the expansion was twice as high as the previous DLC in the United States and practically the same price as the base game in Britain and elsewhere.

Then there was the point that game members had to pay $ 80 for a collector’s number to get exclusive items and emotes, although most of the purchase price was for the content they already owned. Destiny Game Activision was just doing nothing. Bungie’s “excuses” were that now, players could take these items for only $ 20 more than the Taken King package, instead of $ 40, which many fans do not make very well. fact

He added that there is a cherry on top where Destiny announced a brand agreement with Red Bull. Which blocked a new King Taken mission behind a code of energy drinks cans.

Destiny Game Activision

Destiny 2 PC Beta – Destiny Game Activision

Fans refer to Bungie saying it’s not the company they liked. When they did Halo since they now seem greedy and exploitative. Without apologizing to Bungie, I think it’s important to see why this happens. And why some fans are a bit extreme in their criticism.

To understand why fate is struggling with price issues, we need to look at its champions. Activision and all of its most successful franchises. The main players here are World of Warcraft, which also declines after the subscription. Which is still a massive source of income for them, Call of Duty, Monster, and Skylanders annually. Which triggered the latest trend of toys + toys.

Destiny is as ambitious as the World of Warcraft and probably more than Call of Duty or Skylanders. However, this does not work as a source of revenue to favor Activision.

There is no real MMO subscription to PS Plus or Xbox Live; you do not pay a monthly fee to access it. It cannot pump annual sequels like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. There are no oriented toys that access the content of the game and eventually. Although they have more types of currency than half the developed world, there are no microtransactions in the game.

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