Ha Ji Won Husband, Who is Ha Ji Won Dating? Ha Ji Won Net Worth

Jeon Hae-Rim is a South Korean actress. Her stage name Ha Ji-won knows her better. Let’s see her career, her fortune, her personal life and the name of Ha Ji Won husband.

Ha Ji Won Biography

Full Name Jeon Hae-Rim
Stage Name Ha Ji Won
Birth Date June 28, 1978
Nationality South Korean
Parents Yoon-bok Jeon (Father); Yeon-soon Son (Mother)
Husband Hyun Bin
Net Worth $1 Million
Source of Income Actor
Sibling 2
Favorite brand North Cape
Religion Catholic
Instagram @onlyhajiwon
Twitter @actress_HaJiWon

Jeon Hae-rim was wanted by an agency when she was a high school student. The actress explained

“Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being an actress, and when I was in high school, the agency contacted me after seeing my photo in a photo studio.”

She then completed the Bachelor of Film and Television (BFTV) at Dankook University.

The actress admitted that she had lost ( Failed ) before making her debut in more than 100 hearings: “I passed my college entry and signed to write and had accepted into the theater and cinema department.

Before starting, I auditioned about 100 projects, but I did not receive the documents. ”

How does Jeon Hae-Rim choose Her name for the Stage?

Jeon has openly admitted that she accepted “Ha Ji-won” as the name of her former manager since it was the name of her first love.

“When I’m about to debut, she was the first to love the name of my manager Ha Ji-won, I think, at least she wanted to use the name of her love that was not respected.

The first time I heard the name Ha Ji-won, I thought it was beautiful and bold. ”

Ha Ji Won Net worth &  Career

She started playing in several movies and television series. She is one of the most coveted and critically acclaimed actresses in South Korea. Ha Ji became famous for her versatility in acting in different genres, including action, comedy, horror, theater, and sport.

Like most South Korean celebrities, Ji-won had recruited by a teenage talent agency. Ji-won debuted in 1996 in the series “Adults I do not understand.”

Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang
Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang

Famous for her lead roles in many South Korean television series, Ji-won is best known for her versatility in portraying characters from different genres such as action, sport, horror, comedy, and drama.

She has appeared on television in dramas such as “Dragon Tears,” “School 2”, “Secret” and “Life is Beautiful.” In 2003, she appeared as the lady leader “Sex is zero” and won the MBC drama award for “Best Actress” for her role in “Damo” this year.

In 2014, Ha Ji Won star in the drama “The Huntresses” as one of the three main actresses in the series, along with actresses Son Ga-in and Kang Ye-won. Her latest film “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” started in 2015.

In 2017, she appeared in her latest television role as Song Eun-Jae and Rain in “Hospital Ship” and “Manhunt.”

Ha Ji Won TV Shows

 Shows  Years
Damo  2003
 Hwang Jini  2006
 Empress Ki  2013
Something Happened in Bali 2004
Secret Garden  2010
Hospital Ship  2017

She is best known for the historical dramas Damo (2003), Hwang Jini (2006), Empress Ki (2013) Something Happened in Bali (2004), Secret Garden (2010) and Hospital Ship (2017).

Ha Ji Won & Music Videos

Ha, Ji-won appeared in 2000 in the music video of the first Wax Mother’s Diary song. Soon after, she played Wax’s Oppa song on stage.

She released her first album Home Run in 2003. The homonymous single from the Home Run album with the singer Psy had later used as an OST for her film Reversal of Fortune.

After a break of eight years, Ha and her teammates started their debut at the 2011 K-Pop Supercup.

On June 13, 2014, Ha released a digital single, Now In This Place, for fans who supported her drama by Empress Ki.

The lyrics had written by Empress Ki scriptwriter Jung Kyung Soon, and composed and produced by the famous music producer Jae Chong (aka Jung Jae-Yoon).

In June Ha Ji Won published a self-produced song here in 2015, you are Zoe, with Heechul ZE: A. You wrote the song while working on OnStyle Go Go with your sister in Grasse, France. Singer The film composed the song.

Ha Ji Won Husband Personal Life

In 2012, Ha Ji Won gave lectures on film production in China as part of the CJ CGV Toto’s Workroom cultural exchange program.

As part of her contract with the Crocodile fashion brand, Lady Ha brought her “Secret Jeans” line to the market. She designed a bag for the name, which sold for 179,200 won ($ 157).

In the same year, Ha Ji Won published her first book “This Moment.”

Who will Become Ha Ji Won husband?
Who will Become Ha Ji Won husband?

What were the Statements Of Ji Chang About Ha Ji Won?

Ji Chang said: “Between Ha Ji Won and Song Hye Kyo, I chose Ha Ji Won.”

And this is not even the first time that he congratulates Ji Won. During the filming of “Empress Ki,” she had revealed that both were shy with strangers, but that they felt comfortable quickly. Maybe Ji Chang has a wish to become Ha Ji Won husband, but still, there is no any news about them.

“I’m afraid of strangers who seemed to them too.”

After filming the first scenes together, they grew up nearby. She helped him escape public attention and often said that Ha Ji Won liked working with her.

“She always Listens well and gives me lots of advice,” she told a news conference with Empress Ki. ” Ha Ji Won gave me suggestions and Ideas on how to do things differently.

It is also very receptive. She laughs a lot, so the place has always been happy. ”

Who is Ha Ji Won Husband?

It is clear that Ji-won has millions of fans and followers that leave a lot for this beautiful actress.

But it seems that Ji-won does not want to ring the bells of her marriage soon. He’s doing very well in her career, and she always looks very young. So maybe she’s planning to wait even longer.

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