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James McAvoy is a Scottish actor. He made his acting debut in The Near Room (1995). He continued to appear primarily on television until he began his film career in 2003. James McAvoy net worth has reached on $ 17 million.

James McAvoy Biography

Full Name James McAvoy
Birth Date 21 April 1979
Nationality Scottish
Parents James McAvoy, Sr. (Father); Elizabeth Johnstone (Mother)
Wife Anne-Marie Duff
Net Worth $20 Million
Source of Income Acting
Sibling 3
Children Brendan McAvoy (Son)
Religion Catholic
Instagram @jamesmcavoyrealdeal
Twitter @jamesmcavoy67

James McAvoy was born on April 21, 1979, in Glasgow, Scotland. His parents are Miss Elizabeth (born Johnstone), a psychiatric nurse and James McAvoy, father, a builder. He was educated as a Catholic.

Divorce of James’s Parents

James’s parents divorced when he was seven. McAvoy’s mother was in poor health and later decided that it would be better to live with her maternal grandparents. Mary and James Johnstone, a butcher who lived in a semi-detached community center near Drumchapel in Glasgow.

James’s mother lived temporarily with them. McAvoy has a sister, Joy, and a younger half-brother, Donald. McAvoy has not had contact with his father since childhood.

He attended the St. Thomas Aquinas secondary school in Jordanhill, Glasgow, a Catholic school. He briefly thought of joining the Catholic priesthood.

In a 2006 interview, McAvoy said he considered becoming a priest-child because it seemed like a way to explore the world through missionary work. During his apprenticeship, he worked in a local bakery.

James McAvoy Net Worth
James McAvoy Net Worth

James McAvoy Net Worth & Career

In the beginning, James worked at the bakery during his apprenticeship. James began his acting career at the age of 15 with the debut of The Near Room (1995).

Later, he admitted he was not very interested in acting when he entered the movie. According to a report of 2017 – 2018,  James McAvoy net worth has reached on $17 million.

But he was inspired to study theater after developing feelings for his co-star Alana Brady. He continued to play as a member of the PACE Youth Theater. McAvoy eventually graduated in 2000 from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Fact – James McAvoy Give A Ride to Jimmy on his Shoulders

Early Years of James McAvoy in Acting Career

In the 2000s, he appeared in TV shows and started working on films. In 2001, McAvoy’s appearance as a gay cheat in Out in the Open impressed director Joe Wright.

He started offering parts of McAvoy in his films, but McAvoy continued to sink. But only six years later, the two worked together.

However, since then, James has worked in both areas. His outstanding television work includes the drama “State of Play” and “Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune.” science fiction program.

He started offering parts of McAvoy in his films, but McAvoy fell. But only six years later, the two worked together.

James McAvoy was the Part of the Highest-Rated Programmes Ever

In 2003, McAvoy appeared in the miniseries of the science fiction film Children of Dune Frank Herbert, adapted from the novels Frank Herbert. This is one of the most voted channels in the chain.

The cable work came in 2003 when he assumed the role of an unscrupulous journalist in the state of the game. The successful six-part British series tells the story of a press investigation into the death of a young woman.

It airs on BBC One and calls the “must” program; the Chicago Tribune has recommended the State of Play for the performance of its actors.

How many James McAvoy give the Movies in 2004?

In 2004, he played a minor role in Wimbledon’s romantic comedy. He also presented Kirsten Dunst as a co-leader. His next project was to give voice to a character named Hal in the 2004 English version of Strings, a mythical fantasy film.

In 2004, Inside I’m Dancing, there was also an Irish production by Damien O’Donnell and his Scottish colleague Steven Robertson. In this, the actor was chosen as one of the two main characters: a rebel with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

McAvoy ended in 2004 when he appeared in the first two seasons of Shameless as Steve McBride, the hero of the winning BAFTA Channel 4 morale.

James McAvoy & Angelina Jolie In Wanted (2008)

One of the highlights of McAvoy’s career was with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman in Wanted (2008). It is an action film in which he plays Wesley Gibson, a lazy American who discovers he is the heir to a legacy of murderers.

When James McAvoy auditioned for the role, he initially dismissed because the studio was looking for an actor with the traditional appearance and stature of Hollywood. Later, he recalled that he was considered a “dwarf waste.” But in the end, he played the role at the end of 2006 because the studio wanted “someone geek.”

James McAvoy Instagram

Fact-  James & X-Man Movie Series

McAvoy reiterated his role as an X-Men professor: Days of Future Past (2014), which earned $ 747.9 million worldwide. It is the sixth film of the year 2014 and the second highest film content of 2014, the 2016 X-Men and X-Men franchise: Apocalypse.

In 2016, he starred in Mr. Night’s thriller Shyamalan when Kevin split Wendell Crumb, a patient with a dissociative identity disorder with critical abilities.

His performance was greeted by critics, and some have praised him as the best of his career. McAvoy will return as Professor X in the film X-Men of 2018: Dark Phoenix and Crumb in Glass (2019).

James McAvoy Personal Life

While in Shameless, McAvoy began a relationship with Anne-Marie Duff. He recited his character’s love and got married on November 11, 2006, in a quiet ceremony. They have a son, a son named Brendan (born in 2010).

When James McAvoy & Anne-Marie Duff Announced their Separation?

On May 13, 2016, McAvoy and Duff jointly announced their decision to divorce. To minimize the interruption of Brendan’s life, they still share a home in North London if they do not work elsewhere.

After McAvoy, BAFTA won the “Rising Star” award. His father, who was separated, spoke to the Sunday Mirror and said he wanted to contact his son, but he did not know how to contact him.

James McAvoy Wife
James McAvoy Wife

Although the actor did not read the drama, he discovered it and had not moved. He loves the fantastic themes that, as he said, began at 11 years of The Lord of the Rings.

James McAvoy Hobby

McAvoy’s considerable interest outside of theater and science fiction is football; He is a big fan of Celtic Football Club and says that his dream is to interpret the Celtic legend, Jimmy Johnstone. McAvoy considers himself a religious person who no longer practices Catholicism.

Speaking to Sky News, McAvoy said he believed that British filmmakers would lower their production and prevent them from appealing to the American public.

“It’s like condescending them, and we do not change much,” said the actor. Previously, I qualified 3D movies as “waste of money.” He accuses film studios of using the effect to get more money from their theater audience.

James McAvoy & Charity

It is good to know that, James McAvoy net worth used in good things. Once McAvoy took a “scary” jump from the world’s tallest hospital to raise funds for Ugandan charity Retrak, an organization that helps children in the streets.

Moreover, McAvoy is with him an essential supporter of the British Red Cross. He went to Uganda to draw attention to the projects there.

James had many involvements in charity. After several months of shooting the last king of Scotland, he impressed by what he saw.

In February 2007, he visited Northern Uganda and spent four days looking at projects supported by the British Red Cross. In 2015, McAvoy promised £ 125,000 for a 10-year scholarship program at his former theater school, the Royal Conservatory of Scotland. James McAvoy net worth is enough for spending a good life.

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