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Klondike Wiki – Introduction

When we talk about games, it’s important to say something about Klondike game. Lost Expedition is a free farm simulation game that was developed by Vizor Interactive and published. Klondike is available in many social networks around the world, including Facebook. Source: klondike wiki

The world of the Klondike game will bring its players at the time of Gold Rush with the unique atmosphere and charm of Alaska.

The Klondike world will fascinate players with its incredible graphics, colorful colors of the surrounding nature, unique style and design of its architecture. Players experience the ethnic culture of the northern peoples and the nomadic way of life of the golden race.

klondike the lost expedition wiki
Klondike the Lost Expedition Wiki

The land of snow-covered winds, misty valleys, magnificent waterfalls and fast rivers. This is the ideal place to get to the players as they help the young character in search of the lost expedition of his father, a gold digger.Source: klondike wiki

Klondike game players will have the difficult task of building a growing recourse to develop agriculture and livestock, organize the production and exchange of food and materials to prepare for a long and exciting expedition. Players will not be alone in this mission: the Inuit clubs and their busy friends will help them in all their activities.

With the Klondike card in hand, players can explore a wide range of games, open up many colorful places full of secrets, hidden treasures, useful materials, numerous chances and challenging tasks. When you complete the various missions, you will be a little closer to the mystery of lost expedition. Source: klondike wiki

klondike wiki

Klondike Game – Gameplay

Klondike’s gameplay consists of 2 Basic Elements:

1) Agriculture and construction of the city at its source station 2) Travel to other places and their exploration.

Before you embark on the adventure, you’ll need to stay in the village preparing for the harsh winter in good time and equipping your expedition to further east. In other words, you have to farm in the village. The work is plentiful:

3)  To free shrubs, trees, and rocks to gain space, resources, and goods, and as long as the ground in the garden to plant all kinds of crops and vegetables and collect.

4)  Animals gather and manage their production and build houses to accommodate workers and build factories to produce different goods.

5) visit your neighbors for more resources and their Gold Veins and Trade with your friends.

These agricultural activities accompany exciting missions that guide you and welcome you. Hunters will not only give you a job to complete, but you will also tell the story of the young character who is looking for his father, his adventures, and friends on the road.

Once you feel ready to explore the new lands, the real adventure begins. The flow of history will lead you to the areas of Blue Peaks Valley, all different in flora and design. Once you’ve explored all the valley locations, you can open new areas on Klondike game’s map and travel to distant and exotic lands.

Players can take it quickly and drive the sled through Klondike land, improve the dogs and the vehicle itself, or take a plane and fly swiftly and efficiently through the places. Source: klondike wiki

Klondike the Lost Expedition Download

There are two types of expedition locations in Klondike Game: Time Station and Stations

Timed Stations

Scheduled countries are available for a specified period. Everyone sets a goal that the player must reach to get the spot price. The primary objective of these situations is to provide the player with the resources and materials needed for production and progress.

Permanent Stations

Permanent places are part of the Klondike map and the main story. Everyone offers exciting mission lines and have a unique central building. In such structures, there is a storage and trading place, where the character can exchange goods with residents of the station.


Developed in 2012, Klondike released on Facebook on January 17, 2014. In the first six months, the MAU of the game has reached 850K.

In December 2014, Klondike had installed about 3 million times on Facebook alone. The number of Klondike game players is growing steadily: more than 15,000 installations per day. Source: klondike wiki

Klondike Game Cheats

klondike lost expedition
Klondike Lost Expedition

Gaming is an excellent activity for Intertainment But…!!

Disadvantages of Video Games

The public is aware of the many dangers and difficulties of video games. However, many people do not know the benefits of video games. It may be surprising to see that video games can promote family values.

Disadvantages of on-Demand Games

Technology will only be available to some players because broadband connections are still out of use in many parts of the world. Only fast Internet connections benefit from the on-demand transmission.

There is a risk that game servers became overloaded and blocked when millions of users attempt to access a single game simultaneously.

Everyone is unlikely to change. Some unruly players prefer to keep physical copies on their shelves. Who owns the games before, during and after the subscription?

The Absence of Ambiance

* – Many people combine the game with a lively atmosphere that completes the atmosphere of the players. This is absent when playing online bingo. Because the players are sitting alone in their computers.

Probably at a distance away. However, this disadvantage has been largely overcome by the use of sound effects and artificial madnesses by online hosts.

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* Customer Service – Unlike a traditional room, prompt customer service is not available on online game sites. While active phone lines and chat software have contributed to this problem, many stakeholders complain about a significant delay in the quality or timeliness of the services.

klondike the lost expedition wiki


*  The anonymity of the player is both a disadvantage and an advantage. With a large number of online bingo sites that require cash or credit information as part of the registration, security in these portals is a big issue.

Try and also control the authenticity of the players at your table. Especially if you are an amateur or novice on the site.

* Interaction: interaction with other players or socialization has limited to interruptions in the gaming environment. This has been a significant barrier to the popularity of online bingo versions.

However, online portals have recognized the problem and have taken steps to solve this problem. Chat software, online chat, and public forums have made the games more fun, which generates higher interest from players in general.

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