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The famous American rapper, producer, and DJ who is known by his stage name, His real name is Jonathon Smith, and because of his stage performances, he is mostly to be recognized by the name Lil Jon. Lil Jon net worth is estimated to be $28 million.

Jonathan Smith Biography

Full Name Jonathan Smith
Birth Date January 17, 1971
Nationality American
Parents Carrie Smith-Williams(Mother)
Wife Nicole Smith
Net Worth $28 Million
Source of Income Rapper, Music Producer, Actor
Sibling 2
Children Nathan Smith (Son)
Religion Catholic
Instagram @liljon
Twitter @LilJon

Lil Jon was born on January 17, 1971. He has produced a vast number of albums with a group known as Lil Jon, and the Eastside boys which he made in 1997 and the records of this team were finally released in 2004.

Lil Jon was born in Atlanta Georgia. He did his graduation from Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta. After he completed his education, he studied for two more years at the St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lil Jon Net Worth & Career

After completing the education he returned back to Atlanta and then he started to show up himself as a DJ in different clubs of Atlanta. This was just the beginning of his successful journey. Later on, he also got a brilliant chance of working with a very profound record label.

It was also located in Atlanta, known as So SoDef Recordings. He learned most of the music business in the time spent with this record label as an artist. According to the report of 2017 -2018, Lil Jon net worth is estimated to be $28 million.

How did Lil Jon Start his Career?

As mentioned earlier, when Lil Jon returned to Atlanta after completing his graduation, he started to work as a DJ in different hip-hop clubs. After this, he began to work with So SoDef Recordings from 1993 to 2000.

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Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz

After some time Jonathan Smith decided to show up on the stage. He chose a unique stage name for himself, known as Lil Jon. He made a musical band with two good rappers, Big Sam (original name is Sammie Denard Norris) and Lil’ Bo (original name is Wendell Maurice Neal).

Initially, the group had to sign a record label, and they did it with an Atlanta-based Mirror Image Record, and they were distributed by the Ichiban records. The first album released by this newly formed Lil Jon and the East Side Boys was ‘Get Crunk, Who u Wit: Da Album.’

The album includes two amazing solos whose remaining part was later on released in 1998. The names of these singles were “Who U Wit?” and “Shawty Freak a Lil’ Sumthin.”

Later on, in 2000, Lil Jon decided to start his work. The new label he started was named as BE recordings. There was a Southern Music distribution based in Georgia with whom Jon signed a distribution agreement.

The name of this distribution was Norcross. That time Lil Jon release his most famous and ranked album which got famous with the name ‘’We Still Cruck”. In that album, there were many songs that became popular, but the most famous one was the single “I like those girls”.

This hit single reached at number 55 at the R and B rankings and number 3 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart. It was the time when Lil Jon was gaining his main audience from different places, where people came to watch his live performances and show to see him and his dominant performances.

Lil Jon Net Worth
Lil Jon Net Worth

Solo Career and Performances

Favorite songs of Lil Jon were not just limited to the hip-hop because he also had many hit urban singles as well. From 2003 to 2005, still, the East Side Boyz and Lil Jon were producing pretty great stuff that was being like a lot by the people and these were becoming the hit singles, for example, “Yeah!” by Usher.

In 2006 Lil Jon had a few complications with record label TVT which lead to a very different and an unlikely condition for both of the parties. After this incident, Lil Jon decided to not to record anything ever for the record label TVT.

Lil Jon also cleared the reason behind all this incident. He told that the owner of the record label TVT, Steve Gottlieb was nor charging him up to his demands.

Lil Jon Personal Life

Jonathan Smith, famous for his stage name Lil Jon was married in 2004. He had married to Nicole Smith. Their first child was born in 1998. They had a son who they named as Nathan Smith.

Lil Jon was fond of different things, for example, he was a massive fan of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers until they shifted to Winnipeg in 2011. After this, he changed his favorite franchise, and it was a new franchise in the NHL’s Atlanta named as Vegas Golden Knights.

Nowadays he is a fan of another team, and the reason behind it is inspiring. Lil join is the fan of University of Tennessee Volunteers because they adapted his hit single “Turn Down for what” and they changed it to “Third down for what.”

Lil Jon With Trump
Lil Jon With Trump

Due to this reason, Lil Jon also made a special appearance for this team to boost up their morals against their match with University of Florida Gators.

Lil Jon is not only fond of the sports, but he also likes to watch television. His favorite TV show at the moment is Walking Dead. He has also been appearing as a guest on a talk show named as ‘talking dead.’

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Lil Jon Family Relationship

Lil Jon is a married man. He was married to Nicole Smith in 2004, and the bond is still tight with her. He also has a son whose name is Nathan Smith. She also had a mother-in-law, and her name is Carrie Smith-Williams.

She died in the West Palm Beach in 2006. He is a happy man and also loves to spend time with his family. Lil Jon’s mother died a few years back. Lil Jon net worth is enough for his to spend a good life with his family.

Where does Lil Jon Live?

Lil Jon does not have a house because he has a palace. The Palace is not that much magnificent, but it is big enough. There are six bedrooms and eight washrooms in it. There is also a music studio built in just for himself so he can also work in his palace.

The overall area of this studio is almost 7000 square feet. Lil Jon ought to visit this palace in 2007 at a very high price of $18 million. But nowadays the value of this place is almost $2.25 million. It is a significant loss of $16 million but profit for the one who sold it.

The famous American rapper is still not pretty much concerned about the loss because Lil Jon net worth is almost $28 million.

Lil Jon Net Worth
Lil Jon Net Worth

Public Image of Lil Jon

Lil Jon has a very renowned image in front of the public. He has been very famous for his solo songs, group songs, and his energetic and beautiful music. The musical song ‘Lean On’ which he did with DJ Snake got famous all over the world.

The young generation loved the music he produced. This song gave him popularity all over the world. He has almost 1.03 million followers on Twitter.

He keeps in interacting with the people he and fans he loves. On Facebook, Lil Jon has almost 5.7 million likes. It shows the love of fans for him.

Lil Jon & Television Tasks

Lil Jon has also been taking part in different TV shows.  Recently he joined a show named as Celebrity Apprentice. He got 4th position in the 11th season and reached the 3rd spot in the 13th season, The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

On the other hand, Donald also appeared at the show and started to refer Lil Jon as Uncle Tom until he had confronted by Lil Jon himself and the other crew members.

Awards and Nominations for Lil Jon Net Worth

Lil Jon has always been producing great music and sings. He is apparently unique in his way of working. People and the critics have loved his work almost every time he has created something in the market.

He has got a lot of nominations in his career and a few awards as well. He got nominated for Grammy Awards for ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘Best R&B songs.’ He won a Grammy Award at the end of 2005 for ‘Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.’

In 2005 he got a few more nominations as well but could not get the award for them.

MTV Video Music Awards

In 2015 Lil Jon only got a single nomination in Grammy awards. But year 2014 was a hell of a year for him. He got a lot of selections in the MTV Video Music Awards for his very famous music, ‘Turn down for what.’

He got the best direction award for this great piece of music.

Products and Endorsements

Lil Jon has always tried to be a social and humble man. Though he has given a lot of time and hard work to his career, which was a necessary thing to do. Despite his gains and profits, he has also tried to do charity and produce something with a lot of positive intent.

He has done charity work with American Diabetes Association. He has also been an active member of The United Methodist Children’s Home of North Georgia Conference. Recently, in October 2017 he has made a school in association with Pencil of Promise welfare.

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