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Minnie Beets Wikipedia

Minnie Beets is a TV star with a net profit of $1.5 million, which has earned the popularity of Gold Rush. Look at your wiki, your spouse, the names of your children. Minnie Beets is a reality star with her husband, Tony Beets, who considered her a mining legend. Source: Minnie Beets Wikipedia

The whole family has represented in Discovery Channels. They represent the most significant gold collection program.

Full Name Minnie Beets
Husband Tony Beets
Nationality American
Ethnicity  White
Net Worth $1.5 million
Source of Income Gold Miner & TV Personality
Sibling Mo Vlogs, Parisa
Children Kevin, Bianca, Monica, and Michael
Religion Catholic

Similar to Tony Beets

Minnie Beets is Tony Beets’ wife. It belongs to the Beets family. While keeping the note of the family donkeys in the Paradise Hills brothel. She is also the spokesperson and model of the gorilla, Minnie and Tony Cookies have Siamese White and Monica Beets Beets girls with her sons Kevin and Mike Beets Beets.

Minnie and Tony grew up in Holland at the age of 17 and age 6; her family moved to Burgwerd Farm in Friesland. They appeared to appear publicly in 1958.

When they had an 18-month relationship and owned the family, Tony decided to go to Long Beach, California, and leave Holland with him.

For her to come with him, she was 13 years old, hot 24. They have married for 60 years of season 5. In the last six years, they had a winter home in Tijuana, Mexico, from the 6th season at Compton’s Snowbirds.

Minnie Beets and Tony Beets
Minnie Beets and Tony Beets

Who is Tony Beets?

Tony Beets is so legendary at Klondike for his ability to find gold as well as his colorful language. Before coming to Dawson City in 1984, Tony made life from cows’ cows and working on tubes. Must read about Tony Beets

History of Minnie Beets

Minnie grew up in a small village in Holland with a population of 400 people. He was one of five children, and his parents had a bakery. When she was six, a new family moved to the next house, including a seven-year-old boy named Tony Beets.

Tony and Minnie started out at age 20 and married a few years later. After Tony in Canada, Minnie worked in domestic, retail, and Dawson Hamburger booth (which he then bought and managed).

Now, Minnie has been an Accountant for Paradise Hill for over ten years. Check your wallet tightly and often fight with Tony for the luck that drains in the drag.

It’s the only person Tony cannot say “no.” The beet family manages heavy machinery for the mining industry, but Minnie can think for herself: “If you know what I can do, I can never leave it.”

Minnie Beats was born in 1960 in Burgwerd, Friesland. He grew up in this small village on the Bolster Canal. It’s a Canadian-Frisian by ethnicity. He did his school, and his parents had a bakery. He has four other brothers.

Minnie Beets Wikipedia

What was the age of Tony Beets and Minnie Beets, when they Meet?

When Beets was six, a family moved to live with him. Tony was the boy who was his neighbor. He was a year older than she was. They have become friends quickly, and their friendship has grown a lasting love story.

The duo married when Minnie was 19 years old. The couple then immigrated to Canada to start a farming business.

I started a building company that was dealing with oil. Minnie began to work as a home care professional and reseller and then worked in a hamburger. Then she bought this burger and even given it. He worked there for several years and then she realized that gold mining is a good deal that pays a lot of money. Source: Minnie Beets Wikipedia

Then Minnie and her husband wandered north of Canada and started digging a gold deal and bought. Minnie Brush with the celebrity met the Goldrausch reality show on Discovery Channel.

Contains and takes into account her husband’s gold activity, called Paradise Hill Goldmine, on the outskirts of Dawson City.

Minnie and her husband have been together for the last 30 years and still rely heavily on each other. They have four sons Kevin, Bianca, Monica, and Michael. Monica plays alongside her parents in reality show.

In 1992 the fifth son was born, unfortunately, died. The show revolves around the family’s daily life and business beetles like Goudsiker.

Source:Minnie Beets Wikipedia

Monica Beets
Monica Beets

Career As a Miner

Initially, Minnie worked in healthcare at home, in retail, and in a city in Hamburg, Dawson. Also, she subsequently purchased and given the seal.

Minnie is currently working as an Accountant at Paradise Hill. She has been working for more than ten years. Also, check the wallet. They have also often discussed with Tony the luck that flows in the aspiration dragon. The Beets family manages construction machinery for mining.

Minnie appeared in ‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ from 2014 to 2017. She also performed in ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ in 2013 and 2016.

Who is Bianca Beets?

Minnie Beets has 3 children Kevin, Monica and Bianca Beets. Monica beets have joined her father’s and mother’s business. But Bianca still doesn’t want to come. Maybe in the future, you will see her in this show ” Gold Rush ” with her family. Source: Minnie Beets Wikipedia

Salary and Wealth

Minnie has a net worth of $1.5 million. Also, she currently has an annual salary of $ 250,000.

Noises and Controversies

The Beets family has become a part of a dispute after the pond ignited Tony. Also, no voice on Minnie right now.

Body Measurement Description

Speaking of body size, Minnie has no information about their size and weight disclosed. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

Profile of the Social Network

Minnie is not very active in social networks. Currently, it is not active on Twitter and Facebook. Also, She does not have an Instagram account. However, the Gold Rush website has more than 1 million followers on Facebook. Source:Minnie Beets Wikipedia

Who is Kevin Beets?

Kevin Beets is the son of Minnie Beets. Kevin has started extracting minerals from his father ( Tony Beets )since the age of 13 and has been riding the crews at Paradise Hill since he was 19. He also drove the Eureka field for three years, from 2011 to 2013.

Kevin can handle any of the machines in one of the warehouses. But he prefers the convenience of the mining industry. He believes welding, manufacturing, and mechanical work allow him to see his progress and keep it motivated during the summer.

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