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First, I want to let you know that we have designed this website “Webdarks.com” to educate people. These facts are very well documented and you can also get a more interesting knowledge of things. People get information and knowledge about everything they want by visiting our website.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before using our website “Webdarks.com”. These terms and conditions also apply to all users, visitors or other persons wishing to access our site.

To access our website or become a user of our website, you must agree to our terms and conditions. The administration of the website sets out rules and conditions and no one else can challenge them in court or in other private places. If you do not agree with us, you will not be able to visit or access our website.

Terms and Conditions:

This statement of conditions of use is a service provided to us and which commits us to create a relationship with users and other visitors to our site. This also applies to our brands, products and services. In order to use and access our services, you must also agree to our terms of use, which we will discuss in the following lines.

  • First of all, you have to keep in mind that our website handles real events. How can you discover facts about things as you want. These facts are a fact of these things and you will discover interesting information about things like nature, fame, the engine and many other things that you like.
  • You can also post your personal experiences on our website. As you have done an excellent research on any subject, you can also publish and share your experiences with people on our website. And that’s not a problem, but you have to accept our terms and conditions.
  • You may only post research data and data on this site, and not publish any personal problems and problems with this site. Avoid vulgar and irrelevant conversations on this page because you know that this site is informative and that we want to provide information to people via this site.
  • You can also download multimedia content such as photos, videos and other information on this site. But irrelevant and vulgar data has been removed from this site and is not allowed to download from our website.
  • If a user downloads them all as unrelated data or speaks vaguely, the user is blocked by our website and can not access our website.
  • Users of our website may also comment on comments posted by others on our website. As a result, they can share their experiences with them by providing positive feedback to their publications.
  • The company owning this site relies on users to comply with all rules and regulations established by the site administrator. In addition, the company wants the user of this company to be loyal to his company.
  • The content or information you post on our website must be real and your work. The company does not allow the user to copy or subtract data from other websites.
  • The user must also avoid stealing account information from another roommate’s account. And the personal content of the site can not be reproduced or stolen to be published on other sites. If anyone has the right, the site administrator acted against him. And he’s going to have a serious act.
  • Site management respects the emotions of all users. And the self-esteem of all users is also very important to us. Each user is not allowed to play the emotions and emotions of other users. If a user displays this type of behavior, he is blocked by this site and can not access this site. You can not create another account on this site. Because we do not compromise the respect of any user.
  • If someone wishes to create an account on this site, he will have to obtain an administrative authorization. And after the authorization, he can create your account. No one has created your account without your permission and you can not download any material from this site.
  • All users of this site are required to comply with the terms and conditions of this website, as determined by the site administration. And if one of the users shows non-serious behavior, this one, as we have described, is blocked and can not access this page.
  • And you will not be able to benefit from our experiences and our researchers. Thus, the user who accepts our conditions of use will enjoy our best experiences and our researchers.

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